Presumed Innocent Show was established in 1992 by professional dancer and choreographer Leanne Marie Poundall. Leanne trained at Elmhurst Ballet School for 5 years.. She then travelled the world dancing professionally obtaining her full Equity Card before setting up Presumed Innocent Show based in Algarve Portugal.
Offices are now in UK and Portugal. Leanne provides Casinos, Hotels, Restaurants, Conferences, Weddings and more with Self Contained Shows, Production Shows or Simple Meet n Greet. Leanne also provides Singers and Tribute acts for Hotels and Family Bars.
Presumed Innocent Show presently provides girls in India Bollywood working with the best and top awarded producers, agents and choreographers in the Bollywood business.
Also Cabaret tours in GOA India with the talented top agent based in Goa. The shows tour all over India, Thailand, and have been to Africa on tour. Tribute singers are presently sent touring Greece Area in family bars, also Portugal & Spain working in Hotels and Family Bars.
Cabaret self contained shows are the main providers in Hotels, and Family Bars in Algarve & areas in Spain.
TO APPLY FOR A JOB PLEASE EMAIL presumedinnocentshow@gmail.com
comment made from one of the dancer singers who has worked for Presumed Innocent Show for over 4 years in Cyprus, Morocco and Portugal.
From Roisin Gallagher
‘ Well what can I say about working for Presumed Innocent Show.. An experience that has gave me memories for a life time! As a dancer/Singer I performed in lots of different shows and loved every single show and every single venue. You get to live in a stunning place, meet lots of new people, make the best memories and perform in amazing shows’